Haddad Distilleries’ new Factory began its operations in June 2012, with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. 

In 2002, H.D. planned expansion was halted due to fire that broke out in October 2003.  This delayed the initial plans for expansion.  The 1st phase of the expansion project finally started in 2008, with laying of the foundations for the new factory, which was to introduce new machinery and state-of-the-art technology.  Finally, H.D. Factory in Al-Fuhais Industrial Area (Kawleen) was operational by June 2012, and today proudly produces and manufactures the following spirits with additional segments / categories: Whiskey – 6, Arak – 2, Vodka – 3, Gin – 1, Rum – 2, Brandy – 5, Tequila – 2, Grappa – 1, Sambuka – 2, plus Specialty Mixes such as Mix Vodka – 1, Energy Drink – 1, Lemon – 1 and Orange – 1.

In order to ensure only the very highest in quality, Haddad Distilleries have invested in 3 lines of machineries from Italy plus a shrinking machine.  The 3 lines provide rinsing, filling, capping, labeling plus a full automated line for bottling and canning.

New machines are on the way, all fully automated with High quality Standards to insure the production of high quality products and to provide the customers the best products that a merchant can get.

The professionalism with which Haddad Distilleries operates its business is its commitment to Health and Safety.  An internal lab is set-up to ensure all the international standards are adhered to in manufacturing quality spirits that are bottled and canned for final delivery to consumers.  Haddad Distilleries are committed to maintaining only the very highest of standards at their Factory premises, through strict Quality Control adhering to and meeting International Standards and Good Practices.