The primary objective of Haddad Distilleries in the coming year is to continue to build in its plans for expansion.  The main exports are the locally made brands of spirits and liqueurs of the Haddad Distilleries.  As the regional market continues to be developed, expansion plans to export to external markets such as Africa, Europe, Australian, North and South America are also underway.  Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria have been the regional markets penetrated, with further plans to expand to the U.A.E., Qatar, and Bahrain.  Haddad Distilleries had their first export to Iraq during its early years.

 Haddad Distilleries, with its state-of-the-art factory, is always at the cutting-edge of the industry by exerting no effort at building bridges to new export markets.  Haddad Distilleries firmly believes that through hard work, passion and persistence that particular market niche for accepting excellent, high quality locally manufactured and brewed products exist on a global scale; to which they are committed to achieving.

 As the Locally manufactured brands, such as Arak abu Nawas, Glen Drummond Whisky ,Chariot whisky and spot vodka  develop a reputation of high quality, so will its appreciation to export to other international markets.

Countries we export to:-

Syria, USA, Iraq, NZ, Palestine, India, Korea, Austria